Leading Growth

The most successful growth companies have leaders who engender and harness high levels of motivation and translate them into focused and effective activity based on clarity in their communication of purpose and belief in a vision.

Ashover helps business leaders grow their company in two ways:  first by acting as a brokerage bridge for the commercialisation of innovation and technology into markets and industries that need their proposition or service, and second by enhancing the effectiveness and value of the business leadership in initiating and sustaining growth.  We have a global business leadership eco-system that includes our partners, clients and their networks.  Our trusted partner network enables us to offer leadership support from initial assessment and placement through to development and change.

Our brokerage is a valuable business generation eco-system that introduces potential clients to emerging and new technology and subsequently enables business to take place.  We are active in most industries but specialise in the Space, Life Sciences and IT environments.

Ashover is a business leadership consultancy that helps its clients to translate strategic intent into operational excellence by focusing on the quality of leadership at all levels.  We call it the “activity bridge”.  The battle to identify, develop and keep good leaders in your business is set to intensify as you succeed and grow in improving local and regional markets.  Your competitors, and those acting on their behalf, will be hunting for good leaders as well, but with an effective internal process to identify, develop and keep your leaders you will have an effective strategy to defend yourself and thrive.   Ashover is a consultancy that can help you develop your internal process and provide the means to develop and enhance the capability of your leadership and how they lead.

At Ashover we realise that there is no ideal leadership profile and no ideal leader for every business change that is needed.  We believe that if you try to apply standard leadership competency models you run the risk of missing out on the behaviours and skills that set your leaders apart and provide your competitive advantage.  We do not use idealised concepts of leaders and leadership as we recognise that no leader can be an amalgam of all of the attributes of the “super leader” or the “perfect leader”: they just don’t exist.  But your leaders do exist and they are trying to succeed in the reality of your business objectives not the world of conceptual models built on past experiences and realities.  Your leaders need to be equipped for the future and the growth that they will be asked to deliver.

Our track record, over many years of helping organisations in their achievement of business growth, has taught us that the predominant issue facing business, not least in today’s challenging environment, is a leadership’s capacity to align and drive operations on the ground consistent with agreed growth strategy.  Effective leadership in all the right places is the lubricant in a complex, finely tuned engine. Even relatively small, marginal gains in leadership impact can result in transformational growth.  The team at Ashover have all been successful leaders in their own right in a variety of environments and levels of responsibility:  we believe that if you have not been a leader then you cannot teach with authenticity.