Ashover supports growth leaders as an independent third voice, at all levels in large companies, to achieve their targets by providing a catalyst to leadership decision-making and action.



We, as experienced growth leaders, will help you, within the context of your business and its objectives, deliver growth through your decisions and actions and those of your leaders



The Ashover team can support you in your planning for growth and subsequent execution by facilitating:

  • “strategy into action”, peer group, simulation based, development and testing events
  • team planning events
  • team attitude events
  • team motivational events


We can make sure that you have the right leadership in place to deliver growth by providing:

  • leadership team cohesion analysis and change
  • leader fit profiling
  • specific leader development workshops and leadership competency workshops
  • new leader onboarding
  • growth leader coaching and mentoring
  • short term interim leadership
  • risk approach analysis
  • leading innovation


 Our leadership development workshops include:

  • The new business leader – your first 90 days
  • Authentic leadership
  • Leading innovation
  • Strategic leadership
  • Leading change