As the leader of a small company or enterprise unit you will be under pressure to deliver profitable growth quickly.  This vital stage in your journey as a ‘growth leader’ will involve commercialisation, developing and establishing routes to market and winning business.  This is no time for getting things wrong and every reason for sound planning and strong leadership in the execution of a well thought through business plan.

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A good example of our expertise in this area is the significant part we played in a recent funding win for a UK  based global Top 100 University. Ashover helped the team develop the plan to commercialise a novel medical imaging modality for a specific first application.  Ashover delivered a comprehensive commercialisation plan that addressed market size, routes to market, a product development plan and a funding strategy.

Clearly, nobody knows your business better than you do. However, what Ashover can help you do is accelerate your growth by providing you with independent know-how and resources.  Our typical engagements with SMEs range from product or service commercialisation, personal leadership growth coaching and mentoring, through to more short-term growth leadership issues, to provide that vital shot of adrenalin sometimes needed to move your leadership team to the next phase of growth.


Ashover can help through an array of typical leadership challenges in the situation that you may be facing.
Our typical engagements that can be delivered via Growth Accelerator:

  • access to support in generating and testing your growth strategy
  • ensuring sales activity whilst you are tied up with the development of the product/service proposition
  • qualifying leads quickly and effectively
  • establishing routes to market and starting the high tempo activity required to grow a pipeline
  • getting the right talent to help grow sales (hunters)
  • building and qualifying a funnel of leads and opportunities
  • imbuing confidence amongst the investors in your abilities in selling
  • defining and validating your propositionPrint
  • covering the BD ground
  • developing your people for the next stage of growth